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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Snowboarding

There’s nothing quite like the rush of coasting down a mountain and slicing through the snow under your board. Snowboarding is one of America’s greatest winter past-times, and for the right reasons. Here’s a list of reasons of why you should take up snowboarding this coming winter.   Snowboarding makes winter fun! A lot of people don’t like the winter… Read more →

What The Top Performers Do Each Day

The top performers at their job tend to take a higher-altitude view of their work. They know what they need to get done, but they also know how to make it enjoyable for themselves and those around them. These workers are able to focus on the most critical goals every day and make sure they stay on track, no matter… Read more →

Snowboarders Fight Alta Ski Area Ban

A group of snowboarders argued Tuesday before the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver for the right to right to use the slopes of a Utah ski resort. Their lawsuit against Alta Ski Area, located east of Salt Lake City, was filed in early 2014. The legal dispute brings to light a long-simmering feud between skiers and snowboarders.… Read more →

Important Moments In Snowboarding History

The sport of snowboarding has a short, yet storied history. The modern development of snowboarding began in the 1960s, and throughout this time we have seen the sport grow to extreme heights. I recently read this interesting article, which outlines some of the greatest moments in snowboarding history. 1) The Snurfer is Invented (1965) On Christmas morning, back in 1965,… Read more →

Iowa Ski Resorts

When people think of the midwest, they tend to think of flat land. But you may be surprised to know that Iowa is home to some fairly popular ski resorts as well. While Iowa only has a few months of snow, when the winter hits, there are plenty of of excellent places to check out and enjoy. Check out these… Read more →

4 Tips Beginner Snowboarders Need To Know

Summer is winding down, which means that the first snowfall is right around the corner. I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but hey, you can’t blame me for being excited. Thats because the first snow fall means its finally time to break out the snowboard and enjoy another season on the mountain. The sport of snowboarding has… Read more →

Top Places To Snowboard In The United States

Despite it being the middle of the summer, it is never too early to begin planning a snowboarding trip for when the snow finally begin to fall. Whether you enjoy freeriding in the fresh snow, carving fast down a well groomed mountain, or getting some elevation in the terrain park, there are some pretty amazing mountains here in the United… Read more →