Snowboarders: Here’s How to Curb Your Appetite for the Slopes This Summer

Snowboarding is an epic sport. It works almost every part of your body and gives you experiences you will surely never forget. However, you can’t snowboard all year ‘round without spending thousands of dollars on traveling each year. So, what do you do during the hot Summer months? Take up similar sports, of course!


Surfing will give you a whole different feel from snowboarding, because (1) the ground moves beneath you, (2) you’re not buckled into the board, and (3) you can fall off your board into and under the “ground.” Although it is quite different in those manners, it is still quite similar in terms of the feeling. You are still shredding, and you are still on a board.

Think of the benefits of breathing in the salty air, enjoying the Vitamin D you get from the sun, and basking in the quiet bliss you hear when swimming under the waves. The feeling is different, yet the feeling is the same. Challenge yourself to apply your boarding skills to this new and mysterious sport!


Longboarding is entirely different than skateboarding. People who skateboard are more into doing tricks and exercising their fun in skate parks. Longboarders, however, enjoy the long twisting roads and speedy glides down sizzling asphalt. The boards are obviously longer and are loose enough in the bindings to allow you to turn and glide in the same way you would on a slope. Keep in mind, here, that your feet are not bound to the board, and if you fall, the ground beneath you is not as forgiving as the puffy snow. This sport is still an excellent thrill, however, and worth snowboarders’ time to test their boundaries.

Ice Skating

This might be an unusual recommendation, but think about it; if you go ice skating in the winter, you still get to fall on something cold if you fall, and you get to bundle up in warm Winter clothing, just like you would on the mountains. If you just can’t get enough of that crisp, frigid air, make your way over to the nearest rink with some friends and, possibly, get a wide open rink to yourselves!

These sports are surely all different than snowboarding, but if you are looking for a great way to keep yourself in shape and still have a blast, these sports can provide an epic way for you to shred even in the face of great heat!