4 Tips Beginner Snowboarders Need To Know

Snowboarding Tips With Jason DrewelowSummer is winding down, which means that the first snowfall is right around the corner. I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but hey, you can’t blame me for being excited. Thats because the first snow fall means its finally time to break out the snowboard and enjoy another season on the mountain.

The sport of snowboarding has grown substantially over the years, as more and more people are drawn into taking part in such an exhilarating sport. For those of you who have never been snowboarding before, I strongly urge you to give it a try. Seriously, you will not regret it.

In an effort to convince you to take the leap into the world of snowboarding, I offer up some important tips that you should follow as you take your first rides down the mountain.

1. Avoid the ice and find the powder

Learning to ride on in icy conditions is not only difficult but can be pretty painful. When spring conditions come around, I would advise waiting to take your lesson in the afternoon when the icy snow has had a chance to soften. Also, it is helpful to hit the mountain whenever there is fresh snow. You want to find the powder, trust me. It is much easier to make turns when you are riding in powder as opposed to ice. A lot of riders tend to follow down the same paths as others so keep your eye out for places that people are not riding as much.

2. Look where you want to go

Your eyes lead the rest of your body so it is important to keep your eyes down the mountain looking where you want to go. By turning your head in the direction you want to move, you will effectively transfer your weight back and forth between your heels and toes. The transfer in weight from the heels to toes will then shift your entire body allowing you to effortlessly turn down the mountain.

3. Overemphasize the push on your heels and toes

When you approach a turn it is important to overemphasize a push with either your heels or toes — depending on which way you want to to turn. It can also be helpful to swing your arms around your torso in the direction of the turn. As you take more runs down the mountain, these movements will feel a lot more natural and you will have to think about the movements or force it.

4. Wear protective gear

The unfortunate truth about learning to snowboard is that your first few days on the mountain will involve a lot of falling. This can make your butt or hand pretty sore after a few days if you do not have the proper protection. I recommend buying wrist guards to wear under your mittens as well as padding similar to what a lacrosse player would wear on their legs. The more painful the falls, the more timid you will be as you go down the mountain, which will only slow down the learning process.

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